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Woman Hears Strange Noises Coming From Inside Wall, So She Cuts Out Hole To Find Huge Surprise


Woman Hears Strange Noises Coming From Inside Wall, So She Cuts Out Hole To Find Huge Surprise

She couldn’t believe what was trapped inside.

One day, a woman and her family repeatedly heard strange noises coming from inside their wall.

It sounded a whole lot like little tiny meows and she was curious so she decided to cut a hole in the drywall to rescue whatever was trapped inside.

She knew she had to do whatever it took to get the poor thing out so she put a sock around her hand to avoid getting scratched by the nails and sharp objects in the drywall and then reached her hand into the hole to pull out a tiny little kitten.

After she pulled it out, she continued to hear meowing noises inside of the wall, only to realize there was more than one kitty in there.

Again, she cleared the drywall out and reached in to pull out another little tiny fur ball, and again she continued hearing noises and didn’t know how many kitties were trapped in the wall.

She pulled out another and another until all 4 kittens were safe and if it wasn’t for this woman, the kittens would still be trapped and they may not have survived.

This family has a giant hole in their wall but it was worth it to save the lives of these precious kitties.

They never figured out where the kittens came from or how they got stuck into the wall, but thank goodness they were loud enough so that people could hear them. This woman is a true hero for saving these babies.

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