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Woman Devastated When Beloved Dog Runs Away, 14 Months Later She Gets Call And Jumps In Her Car


Woman Devastated When Beloved Dog Runs Away, 14 Months Later She Gets Call And Jumps In Her Car

She didn’t want to get her hopes up if it wasn’t him.

Any true dog owner knows just how much you can grow to love a dog. They are friendly, loving, and they become just like any other member of your family.

As such, it can be absolutely devastating when you end up losing them, whether you have to put them down, or they end up running away and you have no idea what happened to them. The latter can actually be even worse because there is so much uncertainty in this situation and no real closure in terms of knowing where your dog is and if he or she is okay.

However, some stories have happy endings.

A dog from Saint Paul, Minnesota was reunited with his owner after 14 months. In August of 2016, Beau, a three-year-old Shih Tzu, got loose and got away. His owner, Shirley Pierce, believes that some of the neighborhood kids took him out for playtime, but then he never ended up coming home.

Understandably, Pierce was panicked and made multiple efforts to find her dog. She posted missing dog reports on multiple web pages, and she called the police as well, all to no avail at the time.

It looked like Pierce was never going to see her furry companion again, until she ended up getting a phone call over a year after he had gone missing, on a Tuesday afternoon.

Her reaction to the phone call was one of pure surprise. She says, “I got so nervous. I immediately jumped up and left work and I thought, oh, I better tell my boss I’m leaving.”

She got into her car and quickly drove over to Cathedral Hill Montessori School, where her beloved furry friend was waiting for her. He had apparently made friends with the staff and students at the school, as they all liked him and wanted to make sure he ended up okay.

The person who found the dog, Molly Hoyt, first saw him when he ran out in front of her as she was taking her morning walk. Hoyt declared, “I ran across traffic to get it, because I realized it was a dog and so tiny that no one would have seen it.”

She ended up getting ahold of the canine before he got to I-94, where he would likely have been in real danger. Chuckling, she said, “I carried this dog for a mile, because I didn’t want to set it down.”

Of course, the reunion between the canine in his beloved human was amazing. Molly Hoyt where calls that when Shirley came in with a huge smile and asking for her “Beau Beau,” they all knew they were going to witness something special.

She says, “It was just a beautiful moment. It was one of those Hallmark moment you see on the internet that is so perfect that makes you wonder if they’re real.” Indeed, it was real. Once she picked him up, his tail never stopped wagging.

Even though there are so many sad stories of dogs that never find their way home, this story has an ending where prayers were truly answered.

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