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Woman Coaxes Lizard Out From Rock, But When She Rolls Over–Her One Desire Is Revealed


Woman Coaxes Lizard Out From Rock, But When She Rolls Over–Her One Desire Is Revealed

I mean, who could say no?

It is our pleasure and duty to give our pets belly rubs.

A lot of dogs and cats enjoy it, and it is a great way for humans to bond with their pets. However, there are other animals who also enjoy it that you might not expect to hear about. You can expect to be able to bond with the multitude of animals, but usually, you do not expect that you will be able to do bonding activities with reptiles. However, this particular lizard loves belly rubs, to the point where she will actually come running up when you open up her cage and wiggle your fingers.

This lizard is a Mali Uromastyx, and she absolutely adores belly rubs. In this video, she is shown running up to the person’s hand when the hand approaches her. Then, when she gets the idea that she’s going to get a belly rub, she quickly flips onto her back and enjoys the belly rub that is given with a couple of fingers. The whole time, she is wiggling her front legs and pleasure. The few times in the video that the belly rubs stop for a few seconds, she stops wiggling her legs, as if to ask why the person stopped rubbing her belly.

This just goes to show that mammals are not the only animals that have distinct likes and dislikes and that can be interacted with by humans. Any animal can potentially display very adorable behaviors like the lizard does in this video. It is absolutely adorable how she clearly enjoys being given a belly rub and wonders why it has stopped during the moments when it stops. It could almost make you want to go out and buy your own pet lizard so that you can enjoy giving him or her belly rubs yourself and experience the same thing in your own home.

It is so rewarding to spend time with animals for this very reason. It is so nice to be able to make them happy, as they show their happiness in a very different way than humans do. Humans express themselves primarily with words, but animals are usually more honest and genuine in the way that they express themselves. Animals usually are not able to lie about the way that they feel, so if it acts like it is enjoying something, it is very likely actually enjoying it. It is extremely rewarding to know that you are making an animal happy and that you are the reason for the dog wagging its tail in joy or the lizard waving its arms in ecstasy.

The way that this lizard waves her arms is a lot like the way a dog wags its tail when it is happy. It is absolutely adorable and entertaining to watch, and we hope to see more videos of this adorable little lizard very soon. She likely has other idiosyncrasies that people would find absolutely delightful to watch, and we definitely look forward to seeing all of those in all their glory.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good belly rub?

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