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Adorable Girl Gets Stuck In Snow While Taking Horse On A Walk–Watch What Happens


Adorable Girl Gets Stuck In Snow While Taking Horse On A Walk–Watch What Happens

They are the cutest friends I’ve ever seen!

A snowy walk involving a little girl and a horse has become a heartwarming viral sensation, thanks to a father with a camera.

Emma, a toddler bundled up for the cold weather, was walking with her family’s horse, Cinnamon. The difference in size between the two is noticeable from the very beginning. As Emma guides Cinnamon’s reins, you can see how she’s only about as tall as one of Cinnamon’s legs. However, their size differences don’t matter based on how much affection they clearly have for one another.

As they walk through the snow, Emma’s father provides guidance. He instructs his daughter about how to walk through the snow and keep control of Cinnamon. If you think that she seems too young or small at first to handle such an animal, her father’s strong direction and confidence refute that.

As Emma excitedly pulls her belove horse along, Cinnamon trots gently. She has a great sense of direction, and in a way, it’s like she’s pulling Emma along herself. The two of them make for an adorable pair as they move along the snowy terrain. Even if it seems bitter cold out (especially with Emma’s ensemble of snow pants, coat, boots, gloves, and hat), it still seems like a wonderful winter fun time.

Perhaps most adorable is the affection that Emma and Cinnamon show towards one another. Emma is often bobbing her head back and forth to take a look at Cinnamon. Her dad will ask her if she likes her, which she will immediately affirm. Cinnamon seems to show a liking for Emma, often coming close to her and showing support for her in times of need.

One of those times of need comes when the pair get briefly off track. A briefly absentminded Emma gets her leg caught in the rein. Her father, trusting her to get through it, guides her through the process without intervening. Cinnamon is right by her, showing concern and sympathy for her as she overcomes the issue.

When they get back on track, Emma and Cinnamon move across the snow with confidence. Her father asks her again if she likes Cinnamon, which Emma confirms. There’s so much love between the girl and her animal. It goes to show us once again that animals have just as much love in their hearts as we do. If you watch this video, it’s difficult to not feel your heart absolutely melting.

As Emma grows up, we hope she’s able to watch and love watching this video of her younger self. She can learn all about how she grew up, both in size and in personality, and how a horse named Cinnamon was part of that wonderful journey.

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