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Veteran Takes Dog To Prison, But When He Spots This Inmate His Reaction Is Unbelievable


Veteran Takes Dog To Prison, But When He Spots This Inmate His Reaction Is Unbelievable

…it was both happy and sad…

We all know that dogs are incredibly intelligent and loyal. The kindness and healing ability they can show to their human friends is incredible too. No matter what happens to them they always seem to love and that’s how Pax is.

Pax is a beautiful yellow Labrador dog that belongs to Bill Campbell, a distinguished soldier in the military.

While overseas, he was hurt pretty badly and now suffers from a traumatic brain injury.

His family has been constantly worried about his future and transition back into civilian life so they got him a service dog named Pax.

Pax was specially trained at the Bedford Hills Women’s Correctional Facility in New York by an inmate there named Lauri Kellogg. Pax had spent several years at the prison while being trained for his amazing position as a PTSD service dog.

After a while, Bill has been healing beautifully and gaining his life back because of Pax’s love and loyalty and help. The bonding between man and man’s best friend was quite astonishing.

The soldier felt very blessed and wanted to pay it forward, so he arranged a face-to-face meeting between Pax and Lauri, which meant they would be returning to the Bedford Hills Women’s Correctional Facility.

Lauri was extremely excited to be seeing her old four-legged friend once again, and when Bill and Pax turned onto the prison property and up the hill there, Pax also became very excited because he knew exactly where he was.

Bill let go of the leash, and Pax ran like the wind into the welcome arms of his former trainer Lauri. It was a moment that warms the heart, and you can watch the tender scene unfold in the video below.

Bill and Lauri were so happy to meet, and tears were shed. Then, Bill and Pax went inside the prison facility to a section where female inmates each have a dog they are training. Pax sat with Lauri as she rubbed his belly. She spoke about the freedom Pax had given her because she is in a place where there is little freedom.

When Lauri heard that Pax would become a service dog for PTSD, she knew in her heart that he would make an incredible healing friend. Through her tears, Lauri Kellogg said that Pax had “given me back pieces of myself that I forgot even existed.”

She admits crying when the prison told her that Pax was ready to go to Bill, but she later realized that Pax’s leaving was okay. The dog had restored her sense of soul.

If you’re happy that Bill is recovering will and that Pax was able to be reunited with Lauri, please SHARE their story!

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