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Two Talking Huskies Argue Just Like Human Siblings, We Couldn’t Stop Laughing


Two Talking Huskies Argue Just Like Human Siblings, We Couldn’t Stop Laughing

These Huskies Have Everyone Laughing Hysterically

If you have a sibling you know how it is trying to get along.  Sure they provide us with companionship, but sometimes they can also just be annoying.

Mishka the talking Husky and her little sister Laika don’t always agree on things. Below in the video we catch them in a heated argument trying to get past some issues they’re having.

The Conversations…Complete with subtitles!

The little sis Laika wants to play, but Mishka has other plans for the afternoon.  Maybe some lounging in the sun or possibly taking a nap.  Laika isn’t having it!  She tries everything she can to persuade her sister to come down and play.

Siberian Huskies are vocal dogs, they can talk to each other and to their owners for hours on end.   Making it appear that they have something to say.  Husky owners have told us that they actually train their dogs to “tell” them what they need.  It’s not a surprise that Laika uses her voice to “poke” her sister over and over again.

These two are proof that siblings behave the same way in any species.  The younger sibling is always the one nagging for some attention,  while the older is completely ignores the other, but in the end of the day, a sibling’s love immeasurable!

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