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Toddler Gives Dog A Kiss, But His Next Move Will Absolutely Melt Your Heart


Toddler Gives Dog A Kiss, But His Next Move Will Absolutely Melt Your Heart

There’s nothing like a boy and his dog…

It is so sweet for families to grow and all get along, even the pets. A lot of new parents are hesitant to have dogs around babies and toddlers but relationships like Tegan and Ralphie’s prove that dogs are gentle and that kids are safe to grow up around dogs.

Tegan is just a toddler, but he loves his puppy so much that he gives him kisses all the time.

This time in particular, Tegan gave his dog a big kiss and what happened next will melt your heart.

I’m so glad his parents got it on camera!

After Tegan kissed his Newfoundland dog named Ralphie, he got a lot more than he bargained for. Ralphie returned the gesture and gave him the biggest, most slobbery kiss yet and licked all over his face.

All Tegan could do was giggle and laugh, and it is the cutest thing ever, I couldn’t help but smile after I watched the video.

From the video, you can tell just how much Tegan loves his furry friend and he truly has got the best babysitter and playmate ever.

After the exchange was done, Tegan’s parents told him to kiss the dog again and he did just that.

It’s just the cutest thing when dogs have a special relationship with their family and Tegan is lucky to have Ralphie and their other Newfoundland dog by his side.

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