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Terrified Cat Found At Construction Site, He Tries To Give Her A Home But Fails, Now What


Terrified Cat Found At Construction Site, He Tries To Give Her A Home But Fails, Now What

She was so scared…

A construction site isn’t the friendliest place for an animal.  A cat was found at a construction site, completely terrified. I’m sure with all the noise and big equipment moving around I’d be terrified too.   The construction worker who saved her, had multiple pets at home and the shy kitty was under a lot of stress.

Within days, everything changed.

A couple learned about her situation they immediately knew they had to adopt her.

Sellecca Berg and her husband took in the gray and white stray cat.

They named her Gravy.

“She was scared to death when we picked her up. We took her to the vet and got all of her necessary shots and deworming things, etc,”

The couple knew Gravy would need to be introduced to her new home slowly.  So they prepared a quiet room for Gravy so she could finally relax.  Literally within minutes the kitty began to warm up to her new humans.

“She was nudging us and snuggling with us and was dying for some attention. She was so sweet”

The stray kitty made a complete turn in less than a day.  You would never believe she had gone through so much before they met her.

She went from hiding in the corner of the room to lounging out on the couch in the living room.

After Gravy got settled her parents decided it was time for Gravy to meet her new brother… BISCUIT.

Biscuit has really taken a liking to Gravy, they are completely inseparable.


“Now they snuggle together, sleep on our feet at night, and chase each other all around the house,”

Look at her now…the construction site stray cat is now spending her days snuggling on the couch with her best friend.

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