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Suddenly The Doorbell Rings But When Door Opens Dog Gets Surprise Of Her Life


Suddenly The Doorbell Rings But When Door Opens Dog Gets Surprise Of Her Life

She was so excited when she saw what was standing in the doorway.

When you get a dog, he or she often becomes more than just a pet, but also a valued and loved member of the family. This may not be the case for everyone, but it certainly is the case for some people, such as California college student Ana Santos. She sees her dog, Bella, as an amazing gift. As such, she wanted to make a very big deal out of her puppies first birthday and even spent six months planning the birthday party.

This may seem extreme to most people, considering that most people would not even spend six months or even six days planning a birthday party for a person, let alone a dog who won’t even really understand what is going on during the party. However, Anna felt that she needed to make it special for her dog, because of everything her dog has done for her just by being there.

The first thing that Ana did was make a list of everything that she needed to do to prepare for the party, and then she decided to go an extra mile even beyond that.

She states, “I got Bella’s favorite treats, colorful birthday hats, balloons shaped like paws, treat bags for all of Bella’s doggy friends, a unicorn piñata, doggie cookies and fabulous cake specially made for dogs to eat.”

She even went so far as to put together a humongous collage of photographs she had taken of her pup while they had spent time together during her first year of life.

Ana decided to invite all of Bella’s friends to the party, including two dogs who had never been to their house before. This included two schnauzers who would play with Bella when they were out for walks or go to the park with her.

On the day of the party, the doorbell rang at 3 p.m. According to Ana, Bella was very excited to see all of her furry friends ready to celebrate her birthday with her. Ana says that the party was a humongous success and that Bella thoroughly enjoyed herself. Bella was not the only one who had a great time though, as according to Ana, “The dogs and their owners all had a fabulous time. The dogs’ wagging tails and the smiles on their owners’ faces told me that!”

No party would have been complete without everyone getting together to sing Happy Birthday to Bella, which they all did. It was a great conclusion to a wonderful few hours, after which Bella and her human companion bid all of their guests farewell and sent them home with fun goodie bags full of toys and treats. According to just about anyone who was there, the party was a raving success.

Even though the first party required a ton of planning, Ana is excited at the prospect of planning for her dog’s second birthday party. She said she cannot wait to give her dog another special day, and she tells her beloved dog, “Thank you, Bella, for always being there for me, I love you!”

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