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Stray Dog Has Heartwarming Reaction When Jogger Sees Him On Side Of Road


Stray Dog Has Heartwarming Reaction When Jogger Sees Him On Side Of Road

The jogger came just at the right time.

A jogger in Greece was running the usual route that he ran every day, and nothing seemed different until he came across a homeless puppy alone on the side of the road. He thought that the dog could have been lost or abandoned because it was a strange spot for a dog to be.

When the man saw the dog running around the field, he felt like he had to approach it and do something.

He didn’t want the dog to run out at the wrong time and get hit by a car because it was an extremely busy road so he finally goes up to the dog.

It’s clear that the dog was both excited and scared that someone was giving him attention. From his actions, you can tell he hadn’t gotten that kind of attention in a long time.

The dog was so excited and couldn’t stop running and jumping around and he loved the belly rubs the man gave him. He couldn’t get enough and he found a friend that day and definitely warmed up to the runner after time.

Watch his adorable reaction in the video below. He’s the sweetest dog ever!!

After the encounter, the jogger decided to take the dog home with him. He immediately called a local shelter to take the pup in and now he has a new loving home with a family that gives him all the attention and love he deserves. Not only that, but he’s also safe and isn’t at risk of getting hit by a car.

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