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Stray Dog Discovers Rescued Newborn Kitten–His Reaction Is Sure To Melt Your Heart


Stray Dog Discovers Rescued Newborn Kitten–His Reaction Is Sure To Melt Your Heart

The vets were hesitant but surprised in the end.

Sometimes the strangest things may happen and for the doctors at the animal clinic, they weren’t expecting to see these two patients.

This stray pit bull dog was wondering along the side of the road where she noticed and rescued a newborn kitten. Since then, she has taken the kitten under her wing to care for and love. She won’t let the kitten out of her sight… Talk about motherly instincts.

After they were found together, they were taken to an animal clinic to be examined and to have check ups which they desperately needed. It was there they were given the names Pittie and Kitty.

After being checked on Kitty was known to be around 10 days old because she was feeding and nursing on Pittie and her eyes weren’t even open yet.

After a while, Pittie’s milk was drying up and she had to be fed from a bottle.

The doctor who was taking care of the pair, Dr. Hamlin, said he was astonished how protective Pittie was over Kitty and that she even let him hold the sweet little kitten.

The two are now being adopted together and are anxiously awaiting a home.

Watch the video below to see how they interact with each other. It’s the sweetest thing!

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We sure hope that these two sweet animals find a loving home soon.


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