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Scruffy Homeless Dog Follows Everyone Home, But No One Expected To Find Out Why


Scruffy Homeless Dog Follows Everyone Home, But No One Expected To Find Out Why

He cried out for help.

If you live in or have visited South Africa, you’ve probably noticed that there are hundreds of stray dogs who live on the streets.

They don’t have homes, get adequate nutrition or have protection from the elements.

Some of them may beg strangers for food, but they tend to stick to themselves. All except for Scribble that is.

The homeless dog problem in Manenberg was getting out of hand. That’s when a few generous individuals decided to do something about it.

They launched the Dogbox Project, a program that provided food, shelter, and comfort to dogs in need.

The program’s members made several hundred kennels and asked local charities to disperse them throughout the city. They also provided blankets to keep the dogs warm and food for the animals.

Dogs could now shade themselves from the heat during the day and stay dry and cozy during rainy nights.

Most of the dogs took to the new shelters. However, one friendly puppy, who was later named Scribble, didn’t want to live alone.

This little guy wasn’t skittish, like so many others. He would follow the volunteers around, wagging his adorable tail and trying to hitch a ride home.

The helpers noticed that the cute canine was hurt. He limped when he walked, but the injury didn’t stop him from shadowing any passersby who were kind to him.

Scribble was taken to Sidewalk Specials, a rescue organization. The people there brought him to Vet Point for a checkup.

Some of the people who had cared for Scribble theorized that a cruel individual might have kicked the dog to stop him from following them.

The veterinarians discovered that Scribble’s leg wasn’t broken. He did have damage to his soft tissues, however. He just needed some rest and TLC.

The doctors cleaned him up, bathed him and gave him some well-deserved cuddles. However, Scribble still didn’t have a permanent home, and the veterinarians didn’t want to release him back to the streets.

Hill’s Nutrition teamed up with the Expresso Morning Show to help Scribble find a home.

They loved his story and wanted him to be the spokesmodel to promote Sidewalk Specials’ mission to encourage people to adopt homeless animals. Scribble was on his best behavior during the segment.

In fact, he looked so adorable that a family from Johannesburg contacted the organization. They wanted to meet the little guy in person. It was love at first sight.

Scribble ended up taking his first airplane ride to go home with the couple, and he lived happily ever after.

Many people pay hundreds of dollars to buy beautiful dogs that are highly desired and prized. Adopting a pup that no one seems to want helps keep stray animals out of danger.

Give a disadvantaged dog a home by rescuing a pup from a shelter or adoption agency. You’ll help a lovable dog in need who might be just like Scribble.

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