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Rescue Gets Call About Stray Living Under House, When They Arrive At Scene They’re Heartbroken


Rescue Gets Call About Stray Living Under House, When They Arrive At Scene They’re Heartbroken

No one knew where he came from…

In America, more than 6.5 million pets enter shelters each year. Many of them are lost, but some of them were dropped off by their owners. Dogs are wandering the streets without a home in every city across this country. Some of them can become aggressive as they need food and shelter and because of their past with humans, they may not trust them. Take for instance a recent rescue conducted by Hope For Paws.

They received a phone call from a homeowner who was desperate to get a dog out of his yard. The dog was crawling underneath their home and they hoped that the dog’s owners would come looking for him, but they never did.

Hope For Paws was on the scene within a matter of minutes. According to the homeowners, the dog had been hanging around their home for the past month. Desperate to relocate him and find him a good home, they called for help.

Two staff workers went to the location. Lisa Arturo was the specialist that tried to get the dog into custody. She used one of the oldest tricks in the book, a cheeseburger.

What pet can resist any meat? She began tossing bits of the cheeseburger toward the dog. He was scared and ran away, but he didn’t run too far. Being on the streets, and no doubt starving, he wanted the food.

Arturo saw that he was a beautiful cocker spaniel. The dog was unkempt and had matted hair, yet he still had plenty of spunk. Their first attempts to lure the dog failed. Next, they attempted to corner him in the back of the driveway.

The dog ran trying to get away from them. Fortunately, another worker was able to grab him quickly. Though he was skittish at first, it only took a few minutes for him to warm up.

The little dog quickly became friends with Arturo once she began feeding him part of the cheeseburger. She allowed him to sniff her hand to know that she was friendly. She attempted to pet his head on several occasions, but he backed away in fear. She continued to feed him the cheeseburger until it was gone. He learned that she was no threat and gladly accepted her affection.

Arturo quickly identified that the dog had a cherry eye. Though there was some resistance in getting him to the vehicle, he learned that the Hope For Paws team meant him no harm. He enjoyed being petted by both workers and even made whimpers of glee while being stroked. Arturo gave him the name Amos. They always name the dogs to provide them with a source of identification.

With a bit of veterinarian help and some TLC, Amos is doing great. He and his rescuers quickly became friends. He loves being petted and showered with affection. Now, he is so eager for attention and offers his belly to anyone who wants to rub it. A soothing bath and warm meal helped him to acclimate to his new surroundings. All the matted hair was removed, and underneath was a beautiful pup with plenty of love to give.

A few days after being rescued, he was neutered and had his cherry eye fixed. Once his health improved, he was put into foster care where he awaits a new home. Hope For Paws is a rescue group that helps to get stray animals off the streets. They are a 501 C-3 non-profit animal organization that cares about animals that would otherwise be euthanized or killed due to their health problems and homeless status.

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