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Puppy Cowering In Corner Is Afraid Of Humans Until She Comes Along


Puppy Cowering In Corner Is Afraid Of Humans Until She Comes Along

Watch what happens the moment she gets closer…

Unfortunately, in this world, there are bad people that abuse animals and no animal should ever have to go through such poor conditions.

While it is unknown what happened to this poor pup specifically, they do know that he was abused, and because of it, he has become traumatized and afraid of people… It’s so sad that this even happens.

You can see him cowering and shaking in the corner of the kennel as a woman extends her loving hand and talks to this sweet pup.

It took a few seconds, but the dog finally opened up and slowly got closer, enough so she could scratch his head and boy did he love that.

This probably was one of the first times this guy has been touched and loved since he was abused and brought to the shelter.

With a little more time, he’ll be well on his way to a new, safe home with a family that gives him the love that he deserves.

Watch the encounter in the video below:

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