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Puppy Born Without Paw Struggles To Walk Until Couple Gives Him A Chance–Look At Him Now!


Puppy Born Without Paw Struggles To Walk Until Couple Gives Him A Chance–Look At Him Now!

He’s one strong little puppy.

It can be funny how things in life come together. Losing a limb is one of the most tragic and challenging things that can happen to a person, and having to return to the prosthetic doctor that provided you with your new limb is not something you wish to have to do again. Yet we know that sometimes in life, the person you may have last hoped to need again, can turn out to be a person who changes your life for the better.

This is almost the case for Bill Lawrence, and his wife Pam. When Bill’s dad needed a prosthetic leg, he went to Tom Whitehurst, a well-known and successful specialist at Riverside Orthotics and Prosthetics. Little did Tom know that he would be seeing his patient’s son again down the road, presenting a whole new type of challenge to the doctor this time around.

When Bill and Pam set out to adopt a puppy, they found a four-month-old Great Dane pup named Furgus – who hadn’t exactly been given every advantage in life. Born without a front left paw, he was struggling to learn to walk while his siblings were already at a run. The Lawrence’s knew that this was the dog for them, and searched to find the best way of giving Furgus the highest quality of life they could imagine.

So, Bill reached out to the same doctor that helped his father – literally – get back on his feet: Dr. Tom Whitehurst. Coincidentally, Tom’s first patient was Bill’s dad; and then, his first canine patient was Furgus. Having never built a prosthetic for a pet before, there was a trial-and-error process while sweet Furgus was doing his very best, waiting for a new front leg.

Tom eventually decided to try using a prosthetic limb made for a child and, adapting it to Furgus’ very special needs, created a great fit for the pup. Eagerly and willingly, Furgus is accepting and adapting to his new leg, and his new opportunities.

So what do you do when you have given a young Great Dane a whole new chance at a full life? First, swell with pride – and maybe just a few happy tears. Then, if you’re Bill and Pam, you realize that there is always more good that can be done in the world – a lesson that we can all strive to keep in mind. Knowing from the beginning that Furgus would make an excellent service dog, he is overcoming his diversity and will soon be teaching others about it.

Furgus will soon be ready to take on the world, for the better. Once he is fully trained as a service animal, this outstanding pup will use his early in life setback to teach children in schools about diversity, and even help out many humans who need a prosthetic – just like his owner Bill’s dad once needed.

If you want your heart warmed, even more, check out his inspiring video here.

If you are happy for Furgus, give his story a share and be sure to give your dog a hug!

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