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Puppy Afraid Of Stairs Faces Fear When He Hears Kids Screaming Downstairs


Puppy Afraid Of Stairs Faces Fear When He Hears Kids Screaming Downstairs

He took one courageous leap.

For puppies, stairs and large objects can be a scary thing. Can you remember how scared you were the first time you rode a rollercoaster, went on a plane or went up in a tall building?

Ok so maybe you don’t have a fear of heights, but to a lot of young kids, it can be intimidating. Dogs are no different and can become intimidated by the silliest of things and that is the case for this adorable puppy.

A family had just gotten a new yellow lab puppy and being so young he had never seen steps before.

He was afraid to go up or down them and every time he would approach them, he’d back away with hesitation.

One day, this sweet puppy was just sitting at the top of the stairs when all of a sudden he heard the kids screaming downstairs.

His puppy instincts immediately kicked in and just like that the brave pup faces his fears and begins to slide down the stairs.

When he reached the bottom he ran fast to the rescue.

Granted, this family was training their sweet puppy to learn that stairs are not so scary after all and when it comes down to danger or being reunited with family, puppies desire to be with humans no matter what. And that desire is their motivation to do what they do.

This family quickly learned that their dog would also protect them and their kids in the face of danger. Dogs are really smart animals that we are very lucky to have.

If you’re glad this handsome fella got over his fear of the steps and would do anything to protect his family, please SHARE this video!

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