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Poor Puppy Found Laying On The Ground Behind ATM, Then Rescuers Learn Sad Truth


Poor Puppy Found Laying On The Ground Behind ATM, Then Rescuers Learn Sad Truth

They only needed to take one look at him to know.

Most people who love dogs would agree that dog fighting is a terrible thing. People who put dogs in rings to fight each other are not concerned about the well-being of the dogs and simply see these creatures as pawns that exist for their personal entertainment, rather than living beings with real feelings and real capacities to feel pain.

However, if you look at the dogs that are involved in dogfighting, they actually suffer quite a bit in many cases. Knight is just one example of how dogfighting can hurt, traumatized, and disfigure one of these innocent animals even long after the fights are over.

The sweet pit bull was found behind an ATM after having been used for dog fighting in Egypt. He was covered with injuries and was missing a part of his mouth. After he was found, he was rescued, given a few surgeries to restore his health, and brought to the United States so that he could find his forever home.

He is living a happy life right now, being fed all sorts of treats and getting regular workouts on his beloved treadmill. His days of being used and abused are over, but that doesn’t mean that his journey is over.

He is definitely still looking for a forever home, and the people who end up getting him or going to be very lucky. He doesn’t look perfect by conventional standards, as he is still missing part of his mouth, but he still deserves to be loved just the same.

You could even choose to see him as simply being unique and having a unique and distinctive smile, with his teeth completely visible on one side. In a way, his scars and unique physical characteristics that are left from his dog fighting days are simply signs of everything he has been through and all the character he has to have survived through all of that.

He is a dog with a unique backstory, and even despite everything that has been done to him, he has managed to stay very sweet and loving and will be a great friend to whoever decides to bring him home. He has been trained for vicious purposes, but his disposition is very sweet and kind and will be great for whoever decides to bring him home and love him for the rest of his life.

Knight is now living in Phoenix, Arizona and still looking for that lucky person or family who is going to end up bringing him home and giving him a wonderful life. If you want to help him find it, visit mayday to see what you can do for this sweet pup.

After everything he’s been through, he definitely deserves a happy ending. It would definitely be very rewarding for whoever ends up getting him because they will know that they are providing a great life for a dog who has had a rough past and deserves to have a bright and happy future.

If you’re thankful that Knight has a new life and you’re hoping he gets adopted into a loving family, please SHARE his story to find him a home!

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