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Police Department Recruits Cat From Shelter Together They Help Keep The City Safe


Police Department Recruits Cat From Shelter Together They Help Keep The City Safe

He does his job well…

This ginger and white cat became a new officer at the Port Lavaca Police Department in Port Lavaca , Texas.  The cat that has been rightly named, The Captain helps manage the office and keep the city safe.


The Captain  officially joined the police department after he was  adopted from the Calhoun County Humane Society.

He quickly made himself right at home by lounging on the overstuffed couch as if he’d lived there his entire life.

The police cat quickly filled his new role.  He would jump in the inbox to remind the officers of their daily duties.  Then watch the city from the second story window, keeping everyone safe.

As any other Captain he now runs the department and gets respect from his fellow police officers.

Inspecting an officer The Captain makes sure everything is a purrfect!

They purchased his very own police uniform so he can run the squad like a true Captain.

He jumped into an open drawer to do a little inspection of his own.

Everyone needs a break from all the hard work.

The Captain greets everyone at the office with purrs and kitty rubs

His choice of beverage… COFFEE!

And he checks on the officers making sure they are eating a healthy diet…cat approved.

Morale at the station skyrocketed since The Captain joined the force.

He always puts a smile on everyone’s face.

“Let me fix it for you!”

Share this story of The Captain with everyone you know, he deserves it!  Thank you for your service.

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