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‘No Dogs Allowed’ Doesn’t Stop This Boxer Pup From Breaking The Law Everyday


‘No Dogs Allowed’ Doesn’t Stop This Boxer Pup From Breaking The Law Everyday

She uses her cuteness to her advantage…

Being a dog mom of two yellow lab I can sympathize with this story.  Different breed but I’ve been here.

When Lexi the boxer was a pup she was outside and rolled in the much.  She came in the house soaking wet and full of mud.  That’s when she did the uthinkable…she sprinted straight to the family room and jumped up on the couch.

Muddy paw print were everywhere!

“As soon as she would run into the house, she’d sprint right for the couches,” said Donna Wolford, Lexi’s mom.

Lexi quickly learned through a lot of training that the couch was OFF LIMITS.  But before too long the pup came up with a way around the rule.  In her mind as long her back paws were on the floor she wasn’t “technically” on the couch.

“We have done a pretty good job of breaking her of the couch sprinting, but she still tends to bend the rules,” Wolford said. “If there is someone on the couch, she will sit like that to be with them.”

She is 18 months old now and has become pretty comfortable with “not being on the couch” that she has even fallen asleep like that.

Lexi like most dogs enjoys sleeping and cuddling with her humans so she goes all paws in when jumping on the bed.  Even though she is being defiant the family just can’t resist those big brown eyes of hers.

She knows she isn’t suppose to be up on the couch but she has become very good at working around the rules and uses her cuteness as a weapon.  Like I said in the beginning I have labs that push the limits too.


Is this happening at your house too?  Share a picture with us on our Facebook page we would love to see them.


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