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Man Hides Outside House But When Dog Has One Look She Goes Nuts


Man Hides Outside House But When Dog Has One Look She Goes Nuts

She couldn’t wait another second.

We all know the distress and emptiness caused by being separated from a loved one for long periods of time. We’ve seen countless stories of the overpowering joy of a soldier being reunited with his family, or a child coming home to see his or her parents after a long duration. The feelings we experience, as humans, can be overwhelming – causing physical responses in the form of tears, hugging, and cries of elation.


Even being separated from our pets can make us feel the same way, but we humans are not alone. After months of separation, pets – our best friends – can often have the same physical reactions to show their jubilation and relief they feel when finally seeing their owner again.

This is what happened with Freya the German Shepherd was reunited with her owner. While Dad was away for months of work, Freya stayed at his mother’s home. A few nights a week she would hear his voice, but only over the phone. Still, Freya and her dad stayed strong, and their bond never faltered through the distance.

When the day came for him to come home, Freya’s reaction was astounding. After hearing his voice outside, Freya soared out the door to greet him. With absolutely no restraint in emotion, Freya acted exactly as any human would when reunited with a loved one: completely ecstatic.

She shows her love and her overwhelming gratitude at her owner’s return by jumping, celebrating, and licking his face. Most amazingly, the tears of joy that many of us have felt in the past are clearly shown in Freya’s reaction. She whimpers loudly, completely consumed by her love for her dad and her appreciation that he has finally come back to her.

He, of course, is thrilled to see his sweet German Shepherd once more – the two of them on the ground playfully hugging each other in just a matter of seconds. He shows his affection with snuggles and pets, thanking her for being so patient. When the two of them reunite after several long months, we can all relate to how they feel right in that moment.

The bond between us and our pets is truly shown here, an unspeakable bond that we just couldn’t live without. They are both so thrilled to see each other, that we can only imagine how difficult it was for these two best friends to have been separated by distance for such a long period of time.

Watch the video of their joyful reunion and SHARE this beautiful and moving tribute to the love between a man and his dog with someone you know who has a very special pet.

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