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Little Lion Cub Emerges From Grass–What He Does Next Has Everyone In Awe!


Little Lion Cub Emerges From Grass–What He Does Next Has Everyone In Awe!

Then he did it again…

If you are like most people, you probably never want to encounter a roaring lion unless there are steel bars between the two of you. A lion’s roar can be incredibly frightening and powerful. Big cats, such as lions and tigers, are known for roars and growls that are incredibly intimidating and ferocious, to the point where no human would want to encounter them in the wild without some sort of protection.

The reason they are able to roar so loudly has to do with their anatomy. In most animals, vocal folds are shaped like triangles and protrude into the airway of the animal. However, in lions and tigers, the protrusions are shaped like squares and flat, because of the fact that lies in the vocal fold ligament.

The unique shape of the vocal folds in lions and tigers allows their tissue to respond more strongly to passing air so that they are able to roar much louder using less lung pressure. A lion or tiger can actually roar at about 114 decibels, which is about 25 times louder than lawn mower that is powered by gas.

Lions and tigers do not growl only to intimidate other animals, however. They roar and growl for a variety of reasons. Some of these wars are meant to let other animals know that they are getting too close, some are meant to ward off predators, and some can actually be simple forms of communication with the rest of their pride.

They actually were quite often in order to settle fights between two other members of their pride; the other cats watching the two that are in the fight will be roaring constantly, and eventually the two that are fighting will roar as well, after which they seem to forget why they were fighting in the first place and go back to coexisting in relative peace.

However, lions are not born with this ability to roar. The little lion cub in this video is trying to roar, but it is nowhere near fierce and intimidating. It is actually quite adorable. The cub is walking around timidly on its little paws, and it opens his mouth in what looks like an attempt to roar – but all that comes out is a meek little sound that resembles the cough of a young child.

In the video, the little lion cub does this multiple times, and it sounds equally adorable and non-threatening each time.

However, we can be sure that when this lion cub grows up, this tiny little sound will grow to be as intimidating as we know the average roar of a lion to be. It is absolutely amazing how baby animals who are nothing but adorable and non-threatening can grow up to be killing machines that scare any human away from coming close to them without some sort of protection.

However, for now, this little lion cub is just adorable, and we can all watch this video and laugh and marvel at how cute this future killing machine really is.

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