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Husky Pup’s Reaction To Meeting Newborn Brother Will Melt Your Heart


Husky Pup’s Reaction To Meeting Newborn Brother Will Melt Your Heart

She immediately fell in love.

A lot of people wouldn’t call Husky’s family dogs, but Millie, this Husky, took everyone by surprise.

She was so excited to be getting a newborn baby brother and you could see it in her eyes as she stared at him. She couldn’t wait to give him kisses and to investigate.

Meanwhile, the baby was calm and seemed to be content and feel safe. He didn’t make a noise and continued to sleep peacefully in his mother’s arms without being bothered by the curious pup.

When she got closer all she wanted to do is cuddle and rest her head right near the baby. She really couldn’t get enough of him and it truly melts our hearts.

You could tell even so early on that Millie was already protective of the adorable baby because when he was removed from her reach and pulled back, you could tell by her reaction. Her ears¬†went back and in a split second, she seemed heartbroken. It’s those motherly instincts kicking in.

Millions of people are swooning over this pair’s sweet relationship and how loving and gentle Millie is with him.

I just know that when this baby grows up, Millie is going to be his best friend… After all, that’s what dogs are for.

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