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Homeless Puppy Desperately Needed Shelter So He Laid Down With Baby Jesus In Nativity


Homeless Puppy Desperately Needed Shelter So He Laid Down With Baby Jesus In Nativity

He couldn’t have found a better place to sleep.

As the Christmas season has started creeping up, so has the cold weather, which leaves a lot of homeless animals and people freezing at night every single year.

They have nowhere to keep warm and don’t want to freeze to death, so they’ll do whatever it takes to have shelter and stay warm, including this little puppy.

He was all alone with no one to love or care for him and all this little guy wanted was a place to call home for the night to get him out of the cold winter weather and it wasn’t a coincidence when he came across a nativity display.

He knew this was the right place to stay and that there was room for him right next to Baby Jesus in the manger so he crawled right up and was comfy and cozy until he fell asleep.

The next morning some people local to the area discovered this little guy curled up and sleeping peacefully and it just melted their hearts and attracted more people to the area.

Eventually, he was awakened because of all the noise but he refused to leave his safe warm spot in the manger. The residents and the little doggie helped to tell the best Christmas story.

The people didn’t yell at the dog or disturb him, but they showed him grace and compassion and love. It’s a great reminder to us to always be intentional and kind this holiday season because you never know what someone is going through.

Since the photos have gone viral, many people have asked what has happened to the puppy and while no one knows for sure, it is believed that someone in the town took him home after this took place and adopted him to give him the life he deserves.

If you’re glad this sweet little pup got his Christmas miracle and you’re thankful that you have a warm place to stay this Christmas season, please SHARE this article!

Also, you can help people in need during this cold weather by donating your old winter coats or by donating financially.


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