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Guilty Pup Caught Red-Handed After Chewing Up Christmas Ornaments


Guilty Pup Caught Red-Handed After Chewing Up Christmas Ornaments

Just wait until you see the mess…

Do your pets get into your Christmas tree? If so, you need one of these.

If you have pets and like to decorate for the holidays then it is very likely that you can relate to this post.

We all know how dogs can be mischevious and get into things and end up destroying them, even if it cost you your favorite socks or your brand new book you’ve been dying to read.

This dog named Denver had gotten into the ornaments on the Christmas tree and decided to have a little snack. He ate the glass ornaments right off the tree.

When his owner found the horrible scene, he found the dog not too far from it, on the couch that he wasn’t supposed to be on. He sure is a rule breaker…

Besides the broken pieces of the glass ornaments on the floor, it was pretty obvious this pup was guilty due to the red dye all over his teeth and mouth.

Denver also acted as guilty dogs do when they get into trouble and was reserved and couldn’t look at his owner. In addition to that he curled up and hide in the corner of the couch.

From the sound of things, it isn’t uncommon for Denver to make a mess and it’s happened a few times before.

Just wait until his mommy gets home… He’s gonna get it!

While it remains a mystery how Denver got the ornaments off the tree, there are many ways to keep your pets and dogs away from Christmas ornaments.

Watch these hilarious videos of other furbabies getting caught eating Christmas ornaments and even the tree:

Last but not least, watch this funny video of people’s ingenious ideas from keeping their pets out of the Christmas tree. These are hilarious and genius at the same time!

If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to keep your pets out of your tree this Christmas season and don’t want to take it to the extreme, you need to get one of these.

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