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Fox Approaches Woman For Food And Takes Off Running–Then She Realizes What It’s Hiding


Fox Approaches Woman For Food And Takes Off Running–Then She Realizes What It’s Hiding

It didn’t take her long to figure it out.

In Israel, a woman had been known to repeatedly get too close to a wild fox.

After a while, the woman created a bond with the fox and often visited to give her food but the fox would never eat it while she was there.

This sparked the woman’s curiosity and one time when she was visiting she extended her hand and the fox grabbed the food and took off running.

Of course, the woman had to figure out where she went so she followed the fox from a distance. She didn’t want to get too close.

They traveled for a while only to come to the side of a cliff and the woman realized the fox was a momma and she wanted her to see her beautiful pups.

After all that time, she was a good momma who wanted to save the food for her kits to make sure they had something to eat.

I’m surprised she let the woman get so close to her babies, but it’s amazing how they all eat and devour the food she brought for them.

The woman couldn’t see a daddy fox in sight so she knew the momma and her kits had to fend for themselves and she did whatever it took, even if it meant trusting a human.

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