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Feral Kitten Was Terrified of Everyone Until This Little Girl Picked Her Up


Feral Kitten Was Terrified of Everyone Until This Little Girl Picked Her Up

She was scared, mistrustful of humans, and nervous.

A young little girl made it her mission to help a frightened rescue kitten that came to a foster home with only fear in her eyes.

It was love at first site when Baja the kitten seen Emmy.

“Baja went from terrified spaz kitty to mushy cuddle muffin under Emmy’s spell.”

After a few hours of quiet nesting, some gentle pets, and yummy treats, they saw a tiny change in the kittens’ demeanor. All though she was still very scared, she was starting  to trust and accept some loving snuggles.

Emmy has been around all kinds of critters her whole life.  At a very young age she asked to help her mom with the foster kitten and care for the other animals in need.

“Emmy is wonderful with all kinds of animals, and can comfort the crankiest rooster, has full grown boar pigs roll on their back for her scratches, and can bring the most terrified kitties out of their shells,”  her mother explained.

Baja was a spaz she was terrified until Emmy showed up.  The kitten began to calm down when she got some attention, love and cuddles from Emmy.

Even with 20 years of experience April, Emmy’s Mother, believes the bond between Baja and Emmy is something extraordinary.

“Baja lets Emmy scoop her up. She falls asleep in Emmy’s arms. Her first purrs were for Emmy’s snuggles. This all began last night. It was a 180 degree turn-around in only a few hours”

The sweet tuxedo kitten has gone from a terrified kitty to a complete snuggle bug.

“She is so comfortable now, sweet Baja is definitely not a wild cat any longer!”

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