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Dog Frantically Barks Late At Night–When Mom Sees Why She Immediately Yells For Her Family


Dog Frantically Barks Late At Night–When Mom Sees Why She Immediately Yells For Her Family

She’s glad he didn’t stop barking.

James and Theresa Parsons live in a little town called Woodville in Florida, along with their 14-year-old son, and 3-year-old Chihuahua.

Late one evening, Theresa was abruptly awakened although her husband and son remained fast asleep. She said their chihuahua started barking crazily at 1:56 AM, so she decided to go out and see what the issue was.

Usually, when he would act up in the middle of the night, they would find a possum outside but this time, when Theresa reached the back porch she then saw why Sir Larue had been trying to wake them… And it wasn’t good.

Their house was on fire.

Immediately after this discovery, Theresa woke her husband and son and once the whole family was gathered together they saw in horror the back half of their house was covered in vicious 15-foot flames.

Just as they made it out the front door, the entire house went up in flames, so they had escaped right in the nick of time.

“It was a wall of flames. It was going to engulf us,” James shared. “We got out just in time.” Miraculously, they made it without any injuries, including the dog.

Sir Larue Winnieschnitzle (a.k.a Chewbarka) saved his family’s lives. Without him, it’s likely that the family would have died.

While the Parsons stood in their front yard, watching the fireman put out the flames, they cried.

All of their belongings, memories, and important documents were lost in the devastating fire and could not be replaced.

James and Theresa are both disabled due to nerve and spine issues and have been in and out of the hospital over the last few months and their 14-year-old son has been diagnosed with autism. After the flames were out, they realized all of their medications were inside of the house.

The total loss was estimated to be $85,000. “When we came, the structure was fully involved and the fire was pretty much all around it,” a fireman stated.

As the James Parsons walked through the ashes, so they could salvage whatever belongings that were not burned to a crisp, their son had a meltdown. With all the excitement and distress from the fire, “It was hard for him to understand,” explained Theresa.

The neighbors in the area came together to help the couple and their landlord even allowed the family and their dog to stay at their home for the time being.

“We just need a place to live,” the 51-year-old father said. The neighbors even surprised the boy with video games and toys to replace what was lost in the fire.

More ironically yet, the fire happened on her birthday, but she remained in good spirits because her family was still alive. She also holds strong to her faith and believes “Chewbarka” was a gift from God.

As for their plan on regaining their life back after the disaster, Theresa explained it best saying,”It’s just one day at a time, one step at a time.”

Local churches are accepting donations to help the family get through the tough times, and help them build their future. Capital City Church of God has been helping the Parsons in anyway they can.

I could not imagine waking up to such a crazy nightmare!

Thank Goodness the family pet knew exactly what to do. Or is Theresa right?? Was it an alarm??

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