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Dog Chases Cat And Goes Missing Until Man Hears Barking Coming From Hole In Back Yard


Dog Chases Cat And Goes Missing Until Man Hears Barking Coming From Hole In Back Yard

The hole was nearly 6 feet deep.

We all know that it’s typical for dogs and cats to instigate each other and not get along and sometimes it’s quite comical. Sometimes things can get broken and bad things can happen and that’s the case for poor Ruben.

Toby Passmore’s dog Ruben loves to chase cats outside and dig in his backyard.

One day, Ruben got himself stuck in a mess.

He was chasing a cat and the cat went into a tortoise hole into the yard, and poor Ruben followed.

For those of you who aren’t aware, tortoise’s are very large animals and can dig holes, or burrows, up to 10 feet deep. The animals themselves can even be as heavy as 200 pounds.

The 12-year-old African spurred tortoise named Scully belonged to Toby and it wasn’t unusual for him to dig big holes.

The two animals were stuck in there and when Toby discovered his dog was nowhere to be found, he immediately knew to look in the backyard.

Although you couldn’t see anything just looking out, as soon as he stepped outside he could hear his pup barking… And the noises came from one of Scully’s excavation projects.

This particular hole was nearly 6 feet deep so Passmore knew this job was more than he could handle on his own.

He called city workers and firefighters to come and help him rescue the two animals and they ended up needing to use a backhoe to dig up some of the dirt.

After they started digging the put a camera down in the hole to confirm there was a kitty in there too.

Passmore himself was then lowered into the hole when he grabbed Ruben’s leg and the workers pulled them both the safety.

The kitty stayed in the hole for safety to make sure the dog was gone and shortly after Ruben was removed, the cat made its way out of the hole as well.

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