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Dog Calls Mom While She’s At Work–Then He Loses It When She Says These Three Simple Words


Dog Calls Mom While She’s At Work–Then He Loses It When She Says These Three Simple Words

He knew it was coming…

Communication has been in development for centuries and it continues to improve in ways many of us never even use. On a much larger scale, telephones may arguably be the largest leap on the communication timeline in history. However, it’s not just for humans because this dog uses his dad’s phone to have a sweet conversation with mom.

Stanley, a wonderful Airedale Terrier, missed his mommy and wanted to talk to her on the phone.

His Dad decided to call her up so that Stanley could talk to her and tell her just how much he loves her in his own way. You may think the dogs are not able to carry on conversations on the phone, but this particular dog can.

His mom answered the phone in a professional way, as she had to because she was at work. He stayed silent and looked at the phone until his dad prompted him to answer. Then, Stanley started grumbling loudly. His mom heard him, and said, “Stanley, I love you!” That’s when Stanley started howling back into the phone and making it very clear to her that he loved her too.

He might as well have actually been telling her these same words in dog language. She asked him if he was a good boy, and he continues to howl back into the phone, letting her know that he was indeed a good boy. She also asks if he liked his gift, and he continues to howl back into the phone.

Then, both his mom and his dad asked if he loves his mom, and he makes it very clear that the answer to this question is yes when he keeps howling into the phone. However, we kind of get a surprise at the end when his dad asks him to say goodbye, and he runs off. Perhaps the thought of saying goodbye is too hard for this poor little pup, and he would prefer to just see her when she comes back through the door later that day.

Even though we can’t necessarily understand what our dogs are saying, it is clear that they do communicate with us in their own way and they do have things that they want to say. Stanley is just one example of a dog who recognizes his human’s voice over the phone and wants to talk to her the same way that she is talking to him.

This adorable Airedale knows exactly who is on the other end of the phone talking to him, and perhaps he is wondering why she cannot be there in person to talk to him.

Although we do not know exactly what he is saying when he is howling back into the phone, it is very clear that he loves his human parent and definitely does have something to say to her, whether she understands it fully or not.

Dogs are such amazing creatures, and we would definitely do well to listen to them more often.

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Source: Animal Channel

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