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Orangutan Points At Woman’s Bandages-When He Sees What’s Under Them His Reaction Is Unbelievable

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Orangutan Points At Woman’s Bandages-When He Sees What’s Under Them His Reaction Is Unbelievable

Who knew Orangutans could be so smart?

If you’ve ever watched orangutans at the zoo, then you may have realized how super smart these primates are. Sometimes, these furry creatures seem almost people-like, and actually, they are.

Orangutans share almost 97 percent of the same genetic material as humans, and that could be why our story here makes a lot of sense. Rocky the orangutan has won many hearts for his compassion and curiosity about one female visitor to the Indiana Zoo in Putnam County.

Darci Miller had just returned from a burn center with her fiancee; they decided to stop by the zoo. Darci had on fresh white bandages following an awful accidental fire where she had laid in a coma for nine days. Her burns and the scars left behind covered her jawline and neck, chest and upper arms and occurred from her burning trash in her backyard.

Darci, a mother of two, has undergone multiple surgeries, and it’s been tough emotionally and physically for her to heal. While at the zoo, the 12-year-old orangutan noticed Darci and her white bandages as she walked up to the glass enclosure. Rocky pointed to her bandages, motioning her to remove them, and she showed him everything, including her tattoos.

The primate appeared to understand and to show human compassion during their 20-minute visit. Luckily, this incredible interaction between a human being and primate was captured on video. The world has responded, and it’s not difficult to see why.

You can see Rocky pressing his nose to the glass and carefully inspecting her burn scars. He points to other areas of her body, so he can see her skin and understand her story. According to a zoo employee, Rocky has always been curious and very friendly to strangers who visit. He seems to feel an instant connection. It is heartwarming, incredible and worth viewing over and over.When Darci returned another time to the Indiana Zoo, Rocky immediately noticed her and ran up to the window. He had not forgotten who she was and what she had endured. Darci was blown away by Rocky’s kindness, curiosity, and intelligence.

The journey has its ups and downs for Darci, and she forges ahead.

To see further proof that orangutans have very human-like qualities, check out another video of an adorable primate posing for pictures with people below.

Orangutans can do many human things just by observing without any instruction. For example, primates are considered to have an IQ of a four-year-old child and can learn basics like brushing their teeth and using tools like a hammer.

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