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Bearded dragon addicted to unexpected object that makes him go crazy–I couldn’t stop watching!


Bearded dragon addicted to unexpected object that makes him go crazy–I couldn’t stop watching!

He was as fast as lightning.

Bearded dragons are pets that are more common than you’d think and are quite interesting little creatures.

This bearded dragon named Frankie is no different.

She happens to be obsessed with one kind of fruit and will do anything to get at it.

If you think that bearded dragons are not that fast, you are most definitely wrong. They move like lightning, and Frankie went NUTS when she saw a piece of fruit on the ground.

Little did she know that her owner was tricking her… Talk about a workout!!


Frankie loves blueberries more than anything and looks quite adorable when she pops one into her mouth.

Her owner enjoys rolling a blueberry out on the wooden floor and watching the bearded dragon come darting out of her terrarium cage and practically skid across the floor to grab it.

The delightful video says it all and without any words.

You will fall in love with Frankie when you watch it because she’s super cute, and hearing her heavy little feet scampering across the floor is both priceless and precious.

These fascinating creatures are naturally found in only one place, and that is, the desert region of the continent of Australia. They can often be seen basking in the sun on rocks or branches, etc.

Bearded dragons like adorable Frankie come in a various mix of shades like red, green, tan and yellow and usually grow to be a foot or two feet long. They are measured from their head to the tip of their tail.

Classified as domestic lizards, dragons can be found in most pet shops around the globe.

According to lizard experts, Frankie and other bearded dragons love to eat a lot. It might not appear that way, but they can devour a variety of foods because they are classified as omnivores. Generally speaking, a bearded dragon’s diet consists of these three items, vegetables, fruit, and insects.

For example, a baby bearded dragon can polish off anywhere from 20 to 60 crickets (or other insects) each day. That sounds pretty amazing.

In Frankie’s case, it appears that she truly favors the sweet-tart flavors of blueberries.


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