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Baby Starts Playing With Husky, Then Family Can’t Get Enough Of Dog’s Reaction


Baby Starts Playing With Husky, Then Family Can’t Get Enough Of Dog’s Reaction

He just wanted to play…

Many people would be very hesitant to have a dog in the home with a new baby.

After all, there are horror stories out there with dogs that end up harming babies because they are jealous of the new little bundle of joy who is getting all of the attention that used to go exclusively to them.

However, there are also many dogs that end up loving their babies just as much as they love their owners and that’s the case with this adorable duo.


In this video, the baby begins touching and petting the Husky, and the Husky is first just lying down and allowing the baby to show affection.

However, at one point in the video, the Husky suddenly rolls over onto its back and starts licking the baby’s face while lying on its back which results in the baby laughing and giggling. It’s ADORABLE!

The baby continues to touch and pet the Husky and starts to show a really big smile while being licked. It is obvious from the video that this dog really loves this baby and will tolerate just about anything. It is quite likely that they are going to end up only getting closer as the years go by and they will grow up together.

It is really great to see that this baby actually has a best friend from the very beginning. Sometimes furry friends can be the best friends of all.

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