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70-Year-Old Woman Says She Wasn’t Allowed To Adopt Yorkie Pup She Was Shocked At The Reason


70-Year-Old Woman Says She Wasn’t Allowed To Adopt Yorkie Pup She Was Shocked At The Reason

Mary just wanted to adopt a dog.

Mary is a 70 year old woman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who was just looking for companion dog.  When she showed up at the Rescue she found the most adorable yorkie mix.  However, she says she was turned down because of her age.

“I kind of felt bad because I thought, ‘I’m not old,’” Mary said.


The little yorkie was available for adoption so Mary submitted the proper paperwork for adopting the dog.  She then received a very confusing response.  The letter read:

 “[We have] a philosophy of ‘adoption for life’… we feel there are other dogs that may be more suitable for you. In your case, it would be a dog aged three or older.”

“I planned to get a young dog so that it will fly with me and be able to go under my seat and go wherever I go,” said Mary. “I think they made a very poor judgment, in the fact they don’t know me.”

Mary’s daughter, Melissa, emailed the organization about their decision.

“To just write it off because of a number, it was really upsetting,” Melissa said.

Fluffy Dog Rescue sent back another email saying: “We have established a formula for our older applicants to do our best to accomplish this. With that said, your mother fits into a category of only being able to adopt a dog that is three years or older.”

Mary doesn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to adopt the Yorkie-mix.

“I just feel like I’m a good, loving person, and I could give a lot of love to a little dog, any dog,” she said.

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