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Adorable Dog Goes To Desperate Measures To Get Dinner–He Just Couldn’t Wait


Adorable Dog Goes To Desperate Measures To Get Dinner–He Just Couldn’t Wait

He takes it to a whole nother level…

It is no secret that dogs generally love food. They always hope that you drop something on the floor for them from the dinner table, and they are always looking forward to their own meals as well.

However, some dogs take it to a whole different level. Crusoe the Dachshund is an example of a dog who loves food so much that he is actually willing to play a game with his owners so that he gets it earlier. Dogs really can be much smarter than we give them credit for, and he is proof of that.

Make sure you watch the other adorable videos of dogs at dinnertime at the bottom of this article!

What Crusoe has actually taken to doing is changing the hands of the clock so that it shows it to be 5 p.m., which is his dinnertime. Crusoe’s mom and dad say, “What started as dinner time at 6 pm soon changed to 5 pm, and is now down to 4 pm. And would probably just keep coming sooner if it were up to him.”

The couple created a video that shows just how far their Dachshund is willing to go to get his meal at an earlier time of the day. He actually bumps the hour hand of the clock to 5 when it is at 4 so that his parents will think that it is time for his dinner and act accordingly.

So many dogs would have loved to think of this simple trick, but apparently very few of them have the personality that little Crusoe does.

The video that they put together is quite entertaining. It shows him fooling both his mom and his dad into thinking that it is 5 p.m. so that they will give him his dinner. They originally think that it is only 4 p.m., but then they see that the hour hand of the clock is at 5, and they know that they have no choice but to give their beloved pup his much-awaited meal.

When he gets his food, he happily eats it, knowing that he has outsmarted the people who are giving it to him. He is even shown bugging them when they are still in bed, in an attempt to get them to feed him.

At the end of the video, it shows the dog propping up the clock with the hour hand on the 5, because if he had his way, it would always be that time. He clearly does do everything he can to make sure that it is always time for his dinner, as that is his favorite time of the day.

Crusoe’s dinnertime just seems to be getting earlier and earlier in the day, to the amusement of his mom and dad. There are many dogs who look forward to their meals every day, but very few who will actually go to these lengths to make sure that they are fed at earlier times.

Clearly, Crusoe is a very clever dog who has figured out just how to play this game, and his owners are having to comply with their furry friend.

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